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Revamping Old Stories

Wed Feb 11, 2015, 5:13 PM

So I recently stumbled across :iconchrissyissypoo19: 's gallery and her Addison Diary story. One of my most favorite things to write, to play with, is someone dealing with a rather impatient patient. Love it. 

So it got me thinking of my next best angry persona, Kyle Montague. So I'm rewriting his little TFK bit. It's going to be more 1 v 1, from Ira's point of view. And Ira is now playing the role of Doctor to the Knight General Montague, who has scratched and bitten his way through every doctor on the island who's tried to nurse him through his infected furling wound. I'm still determining what kind of infection it is, furlings can carry literally any infection you can think of. I don't want it to be pulmonary, though, not with Alex around. Alex is the one who coughs and he was ill suited for this position because he's too friendly about it. Alex wants to be your friend, Kyle wants to stab your eyes out. Because you looked at him. It's almost like he doesn't want to get better...

So expect that old piece to be moved into scraps soon, it's now outdated. 

Look, I even have this little bit all set up now:

"You may be disinclined to believe me, Dr. Jerkins, but Mr. Montague is a ferocious person." Dr. Trelly rolled up his left sleeve, his arm sported a scar in the shape of-

"Are those...he bit you?" Ira gasped.

"Oh yes," Dr. Trelly replied, pulling his sleeve back down, "In his defense I was trying to shove medication down his throat. But he has refused to see me since, despite my best intentions. I'm hoping you can be a bit more persuasive."

Ira's a little softer in his approach, but I have this one scene in mind where he's just fed up at talking Monty down, Kyle might end up going by Monty now it fits his attitude better, and tries to manhandle him back into bed. Monty stabs him with a bread knife in the process. Straight up stabs him but the effort makes him sick. That's when Dr. Trelly is finally allowed back on the estate, to treat Ira and say 'I told you so'. 

Monty, I'm liking that a lot more now that I'm using it, is infected with the fantasy version of Yellow Fever, I'll smudge the details later but it's kinda like how Red Cough is Karaman Tuberculosis. But like I said I already have one character who coughs and he's not the grumpy one. 

Totoro Journal Skin by starrily
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SC-Chalky Remedy by thegriffin88
SC-Chalky Remedy
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SC: Miss you mom
Huh, who on Earth would have a Qing-era photo of a loved one? And where did that feather come from?


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