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Journal Entry: Wed Aug 27, 2014, 11:46 AM

So, every summer for the past 3 years I've been doing projects that involve animal parts, usually bones, sometimes shells. Until this year I've been working with deer skulls:
 Peryton Skull by thegriffin88 
Like this one which is up for sale on my Etsy page PERYTON

So until recently they've been a bit expensive, since I bought most of the materials and the time and size of the piece etc, etc I don't want to undersell myself. 

But this year I've been thinking of working with stamps. I did two pieces with stamps. One which was a WWII related piece that didn't work out so well and the other was a conch shell I shellacked Barbados stamps onto for my Mom (who is from Barbados) as a birthday present.

I used to collect stamps when I was younger. So I have a lot of them still, I'm looking at the box right now, in fact.

One piece I want to do asap is a fox skull with the stamps of Vuk on it. Vuk is also known as The Little Fox and was a hungarian animated film by the Disney of Hungary, or, Magyar which is what the stamps said on them. I found the stamps first in a lot of 100+ random stamps which are cheap and my parents bought them for me when I was 6. But those stamps fascinated me, because I had never seen that movie but the art intrigued me so I kept them aside all these years. I have a VHS of The Little Fox for when I talk about it on my Vlog which I WILL GET BACK TO.

So I'm going to order more Vuk stamps, and since they were a special priniting there are going to be repeats on the piece but that should be fine. But I have other bones and I am thinking of also covering them in stamps. Usually a uniform theme of stamps, like I have some bird bones that I'll put bird stamps on, another would be flowers, dinosaurs, etc.
Most of these bones are long bones, so bones from legs, which are cheaper than skulls. These pieces are going to be about $20-$30 approx. while I don't know what I want to price the fox skull with.

When I've got a few (it's not that hard to do since I have clean bones set up for this) I'll post another journal with prices so if you want a weird holiday present or some conversational piece you might actually be able to afford one! :D 

Now let me leave you with a picture of Vuk by one of our own:
Vuk by WereLeopard


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Kelly Sturken
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I'm a cartoonist with a thing for griffins. My main comic is Semi-Charmed and I'm also writing a fantasy series called The House of Claw. When I'm not drawing, I'm either playing video games or poking people with sticks.



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and i just realize that they were finally dubbed and released here:XD: look em up and lyao:XD:
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XD Yessssss. Yes to all those things that it perfect! 
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I shared a fic with someone I'm a fan of, forgetting to warn them of the sex at the end. So this can't be that bad....
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